Activating Web-Access


(This feature is only available for Daminion Server versions!)

In order to use the Web-Access feature to publish your catalogs, it must first be installed and activated.


Installing the Web-Access feature

Open the Daminion Server Administration Panel. In the file menu, click on “Administration“ and then on “Web-Access”.

This opens the Web-Access settings dialog.


Click on “Reinstall“.

Web-Access will now be installed. Once Web-Access is successfully installed and activated, the following dialog window appears:


To publish one or more catalogs for external access via a web-browser:

Click on the “Add“ button.

In the following dialog window, chose a catalog from the drop-down list and give it an alias (this name will be part of the web-link), then click “OK“.




In the “Register Web Access” section of the “Web Access” dialog you will now see the newly created web-link to your catalog.

Click on the “Open in Browser” link  to open the catalog in your web-browser.


You can now share this link with other users so that they can access your catalog.
For this they will also need a username and a password, which you can create via the “User Management” dialog window. This dialog also allows you to control access rights to your catalog.