Setting a License Expiration Date

To protect yourselves against unintended license violations, e.g. in case of accidental use of a picture with expired license, you can tag your pictures in Daminion with a special license expiration date.
Once this “expiration date” is reached or exceeded, these images are provided immediately with a red warning symbol in the Daminion browser and can no longer be printed, exported to PDF or sent via mail and to external applications. In the attempt Daminion shows you an appropriate warning.

You can certainly change this license expiration date at any time or remove it completely.


Setting a License Expiration Date





The tag field for the license expiration date can be found right in the Properties panel under the heading General. If it’s not displayed there, it must first be activated. How to do this, see chapter Customizing the Properties panel.






By default, this field is blank. You can enter a date by clicking the calendar icon to the right.

Select from the calendar the date on which the license should expire for this image. You can also set a date from the past. In this case the image is immediately locked.








When you click in the empty field, the current date is set automatically. There you can change the date by clicking on a portion of the date which is then framed in gray. With the up and down arrow keys, you can now targeting e.g. the desired year.







By right-clicking on the date field, you can either delete the date, or display all images with the same license expiration date.





You can have the license expiration date also displayed under the thumbnail previews. This allows you to have time-critical license periods always at a glance. Please read chapter Customizing the thumbnail Captions for more information.