Working with the Folder Panel

If you have to work with lots of tags, for example, thousands of keyword tags, then this list is naturally very long when unfolded and you possibly have to scroll up and down a lot to get to the respective keywords.

To save time here, Daminion offers the possibility to open a second Catalog Tags panel in parallel. This allows you to place two panels next to each other and have the required areas in direct access at the same time.

Launching the Folders Panel

To open the second folder panel, navigate to the File menu and click on “Window” -> “Folders”.
This will open the second folder tag panel, which by default displays the folder structure. You can move this tag window anywhere on the screen or dock it to a certain screen area. On how to do this, please refer to the Chapter: Customizing the Window Layout.
In the following example we have docked the second folder panel right next to the Catalog Tags panel.

Catalog Tags and Folders Panel arranged side by side

(click to enlarge)

The “Folders” Panel can display max. up to two Tag-categories. To display the desired Tag categorie, click in the upper right corner of the title bar on the little gear icon.

Select additional tag in the Folders Panel


In the submenu that opens, click on “Show Additional Tag” and select the desired tag category from the drop-down list. In our example we have chosen the Keyword tag.
As seen in previous figure, you can display in the left panel the “Rating”, “Color Label” and “Flag” tags and in the right panel just the keywords list. This allows you to jump back and forth within the keywords list without losing the other tags out of sight.
Another possible option is displaying the keywords list in both panels, whereas the left panel shows the upper area and the right panel the bottom area of the keywords list.
As for the general tag management, here both panels behave exactly the same. This means you can move tags between the panels back and forth, assign tags, rename, delete or revoke an assignment again. This all works equally in both panels.