Automatic Folderwatch

(This feature is only available for Daminion Server version!)

The automatic folder watch ensures that any external changes made with your files will be immediately detected by Daminion and automatically updated in the catalog.


The following external changes are detected automatically

  • File name changes
  • Deletion of files from the monitored folder through an external application
  • Addition of new files to the monitored folder without using the Daminion import function
  • Added or edited metadata by external applications

Any Pre-existing subfolders within a watched folder are also automatically monitored. So you can simply enable folder watching for the top-level folder.

However, subfolders which are externally created and then subsequently added cannot yet be recognized by Daminion. Therefore, we recommend you to create new folders only from within Daminion.

Although this folder monitoring function is relatively resource saving, it is not advisable to turn on automatic monitoring for the entire catalog. It is more efficient to limit folder monitoring to those which are relevant.



This automatic folder watching feature has several useful applications.

You can, for example, define a monitored folder as your “inbox”, in which all the new, to be imported to Daminion files, are initially copied from external sources. This would have the advantage that all users can get access to these files in the network without each user needing individually import these files with their own Daminion client. In the second step, these additions can then be inspected either in Daminion or any another program to sort out unwanted images. Finally, if the inventory is deemed okay for you, then a Daminion user with appropriate access privileges can move these files into their final destination folders.


You can, for example, create a monitored import folder to which you can copy all the files you wish to be added to Daminion. This would be advantageous when collaborating with other users because rather than each user needing to individually import the files they can simply be granted access through the Daminion Web-client.

In the second step, the newly added files can then be viewed either in Daminion or via another program and unwanted images can be deleted.

Another useful application is for certain folders to be automatically monitored for external modification. This is useful, for example, when working with images that you want to edit with external programs. Thus, you can open, edit and re-save these pictures using the same filename and Daminion will automatically recognize and note the time and date of any external file modifications that have occurred since the last import or update.


Please note that when changes to the image content are made using an external image editor, the thumbnail preview images are not automatically updated. To update the thumbnails of edited files in Daminion, simply use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + B] and Daminion will reanalyze the image files and generate new thumbnail images.

How to activate the automatic folder watch