Rescan Folders Option

As Daminion only stores links to the original files at the time of import, it may happen, that the content of the folder path is different than the links to the already imported files. This can caused by deleting one or more files from the folder after the import was completed or adding some more files into an already imported folder afterwards. In both cases, Daminion can’t detect those file operations possibly made by other software outside Daminion.




Missing original files in Daminion that were externally deleted or moved to another place, are displayed with a corresponding question mark.






Especially for those cases Daminion provides a feature called “Rescan Folders”. To get your image folder containing your original images always in sync with the Daminion catalog, you can use this Rescan Folders function.


How to rescan a folder in Daminion

Within Daminion navigate to the Catalog Tags Panel. It’s is usually located on the left side of the Daminion interface. There you go to the folders bar and expand it by clicking on the small triangle on the left side if it’s not already expanded. Now you will see a list of all folders and sub-folders which currently exist in the Daminion catalog.















Now locate the folder you want to get synchronized with the catalog and right click on it with the mouse button. In the context menu you will see a command called “Rescan Folders…” which you can start the rescan process with. Alternatively you can also use the keyboard shortcut [F6] to open the rescan folder dialog for a certain folder. After confirming this command following dialog will appear:


Here you can select how Daminion should perform the folder scanning!

By activating the first option: “Add New Files” Daminion scans the folder for newly added files, which are not already imported and add them into the catalog just like a new import process. After the rescan folders process, Daminion will show all newly added files in the browser where you can continue with tagging these files.

The second option: “Remove Missing Files from Catalog” let Daminion remove from the catalog all the links referred to files which do not exist anymore. This can occure since they are deleted/renamed or moved into a another place outside Daminion.

The third option “Update Catalog Tags for Modified Files” means that Daminion re-reads the complete metadata of the files and compares them with the related metadata information in the catalog. If the metadata in a file is different than the information stored in the catalog, Daminion updates its catalog by this new information. Those inconsistencies can happen when certain metadata was changed by external software. So with this option you always have the choice of either keeping the information in the catalog or update it with the information from the file while adding those files into the catalog.



Rescan Report

After the Rescan has performed a report will be automatically created. To open and view this Report navigate in the Daminion menu to “Catalog” -> “Latest Rescan Report…”.