Installing Daminion Standalone (Client)

Daminion can be installed from either a CD or a file downloaded from our website. Follow the procedures described below. Please note that there are existing different procedures for installing Daminion Server and Daminion Standalone!


Install Daminion Standalone that will be acting as a client workstation on your local network.

Start the installation process with the Daminion Standalone Setup file.

On the first screen, you will be asked for the language to be used. Daminion proposes the language, which is used by default in your operating system. If you prefer to use a different interface language you can change it here. Otherwise just click on “OK” to proceed. However the interface language can be changed in Daminion at any time later on.


After confirming the welcome screen and the software license agreement message, the installation of the program begins.


After the succsessful installation of all programm files click on “Finish”. Daminion will start then automatically.



Note: you can install Daminion Client silently or very silently on multiple PCs:
DaminionSetup-5.0.exe /silent
DaminionSetup-5.0.exe /verysilent