Registering your Daminion License

You can request Daminion demo (a standalone version with some limitations) and evaluate for the period of 7 days.

After the expiration of the test period you need to install a valid license key.

Shortly after buying a Daminion license you will receive a mail containing your personal license key.

If you have lost your license key, please contact our support!


Installing the license key for the Daminion Server

1 – You need to copy this license key from the mail into the windows clipboard!

2 – Launch the Daminion Administration Panel and go to: “Help” -> ”License Management…


This opens the License Dialog as follows.


(click to enlarge)


To add your license, click on “Add License” and then on “From Clipboard”.

After successfully pasting the license key from the clipboard you will see your registered name, version and the amount of available concurrent connections in the List. In our sample we have a registered User Joe Smith owning a Team Server License.

Note: When you purchase any Daminion license, 1-year maintenance is included. After the first year, you can renew the maintenance option or continue to use the license without maintenance. The new maintenance period starts from the date on which your previous maintenance period expired.