Advanced Search

For carrying out more extensive search operations use the Advanced Search dialog of Daminion. This allows you to create complex queries and can save them for reuse in the future.

You can, for example, work specifically with AND / OR operands, explicitly exclude certain values ​​and filter the desired selection immediately by every possible parameter, such as Date, rating stars, highlights, text descriptions etc.


Launching the Advanced Search dialog

Click on the “Advanced” button as shown in the figure below.


It opens directly to the search dialog.



Here you select the corresponding tag field from which a certain value or word to be searched.

Depending on the selected Tag field, you can specify a condition that must be met.

Here you can enter your desired search value. This can be for example a keyword or part of a keyword.

With the plus sign Btn_Green, you have the ability to add additional keywords to the selected tag field. You must then also specify whether this is an “AND” or “OR” condition. With the cross symbol Btn_Red you can delete this partial query. Please note that these two switches are only visible when you move the mouse over this area.

Here you can add further fields to be searched for.

Here you can save your custom search or open another existing one.



We need for our website some of the best photos of red flowers from our catalog. These images should be already optimized for output to the web and present as Jpeg or PNG format. In addition, there must be only images which publication will not violate copyrights.

So a query looks like this:


Here we are searching in the keywords for the keywords “flower” and “Red“. With the “AND” condition, we determine that both terms must necessarily be assigned to the image.

We firmly commit to only images with 5 stars. In “Copyright” it may be only images that are tagged with “Daminion” and as a media format we only allow images in Jpeg or PNG format. Since the images should be placed on the web, their file size should be correspondingly small, so only images with the max. 500 KB or smaller are allowed.

If we start searching now, all images meeting these criteria will be displayed in the browser. In addition, a summary of the used parameters is given above the browser.


By clicking on the small triangle icon you can collapse or enlarge this query information.

Here you can save your self created Search or open an already existing one.




After being saved, a created query appears as a new entry under “Saved Searches” in the Catalog Tags Panel.






The advantage of such a query is that it is not static. This means as soon as you add in the catalog new images that meet thess criteria, they will be automatically added to this query.