Searching with the Catalog Tags Panel

Daminion offers numerous opportunities to quickly perform a targeted search in your database.

You can perform a search with the “Quick Search” function, with the “Advanced Search” or with the Catalog Tags panel.
In this chapter you will learn how to use the catalog tags panel for your search.

In the Catalog Tags panel right next to each of the tag entries you can see a number indicating the amount of the items assigned to this tag and a small circle located just next to it.



If you click with the mouse on one of these circles, it changes to green and Daminion shows all the elements provided with this tag in the browser view.


In this way, you can click multiple different tags to extend your selection by simply holding down the [Ctrl] key while clicking on further tags. With holding the [Alt] key instead, you can explicitly exclude this tag from the search. Such marked Tag is then shown in red.


In this example, all images are displayed, which are provided with the keywords “Vehicles” and “Red“. In addition, the file format “camera RAW” was explicitly excluded.
The “AND” shown in the red box means that both tags, “Vehicles” and “Red” must be present at the assigned keywords. You can change this by clicking on the box and selecting “OR” instead of “AND“. In this case, at least one of these tags must be included.
Your search can be refined, for example, by additionally clicking with [ctrl + mouse click] in the date range on a specific date to add a time restriction to your selection.




To help you keep track of your set search parameters, these are also displayed above the browser view.





By clicking on the small triangle icon you can collapse or expand the query area.

In the query area you will see a quick overview of all selected search parameter in plain text.

Here you can save your self-created search for a later use.




This search will appear as a new entry in the “Saved Searches” in the catalog Tags panel and can be quickly launched from there at any time with a single click.