How to configure Daminion Server Service

Daminion Server will be installed on your server computer as a Windows Service. You’ll find it in the Services window.


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Question: “When I clicked on the “Add Files” button in my Daminion Client, and specified a folder with images on a network shared folder, the importing process took no time at all and no files were imported – could you please explain why?”
Answer: Check to make sure that the Daminion Server service account user has read/write permissions to access Documents in network locations. By default, Daminion Server is installed as a Local System account user with no access to network resources.

Daminion Server Service Account User

Locate a folder with documents and grant it read/write access from a Daminion Server Service logon user account. If your computers are part of a Workgroup you should create a user on the remote computer (where Documents are stored) with the same credentials as on your server PC. For example, the user name

If Documents are located on a NAS device, you need to launch the NAS control panel to configure user access rights. After configuring access to remote locations with documents, open a Daminion Client and try to import them. If you have any problems feel free to contact us.