Using the Tray

The Tray allows you to quickly create a temporary collection of your media assets. The use of the Tray is recommended in cases when you know that this collection is a one-time affair. This saves you from the special flagging or tagging these items.
In the tray you can manually sort the items, open them in full screen view, export or print them. After rebooting Daminion, all items added to the tray still stay there. For often required collections, it is therefore advisable to use the collection function in the catalog tags panel instead. See chapter: Advanced Search.

The tray is located by default at the bottom of the browser window. You can freely change the position of the Tray window or dock it to a specific area. On how to do this, please refer to the Chapter: Customizing the Window Layout
The Tray can be launched via the File menu “Window” -> “Tray“.
To fill the tray with your items, just drag the items into the Tray window. Alternatively, you can use the [Ins] key. If you press the [Ins] key once, the item currently selected in the browser will be copied to the Tray. By pressings the [Ins] key again, it will be removed from the tray.

Remove items from the Tray

You can remove the items within the Tray by pressing the [Del] key or alternatively perform a right click on the item and select the command “Remove from storage“.








To make you always aware of the actual location of the element, the selected elements are provided in a different window with a green frame.
This means that clicking in the browser window on an element inserted in the tray will indicate this element with a green frame in the tray. Conversely, it behaves the same. Click on an image in the tray and the corresponding element in the browser will be shown with a green frame. In this way you can, for example, see quickly, whether a particular element is already in the tray or not.

Thumbnail display in the Browser and in the Tray

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Selecting the thumbnail display mode in the Tray

In the right corner of the tray title bar there is a small gear icon. This Symbol allows you to choose between two display modes in the tray. These are: Filmstrip and Thumbnails.
In the Filmstrip mode, the thumbnails are displayed without additional metadata information and you can only move the filmstrip horizontally.
When using the Thumbnails mode, the thumbnails are similar to the ones in the browser. Ratings and color labels are additionally displayed and the scroll direction is vertical.