Creating new Group-Tag with the Catalog Tags Panel

In addition to the Tag-Hierarchies, you have the option to sort your tags into groups to manage them in Daminion. Group tags are basically treated as normal Tags, with the only difference that they are not considered when exporting the metadata information.

Suppose you have cataloged your media files into groups by customer name. Would you reproduce this with the conventional tag structure, the customer name would be written to the files when exporting and therefore could be viewed by the recipient.
Group tags, however, are only used for the internal administration of Daminion and this information remains exclusively in Daminion.
You can distinguish between Group tags and conventional tags by its grey shade. Group tags are always shown in a lighter shade of grey.


Creating a new Group-Tag

To create a new Group tag in the Catalog Tags Panel, click with the right mouse button on the corresponding tag-heading and select “Add Group …” from the submenu.

Adding new Tag Group

Dialog for adding a new Tag Group

In the dialog that opens, you can write one or (comma separated) multiple Group names in the corresponding field. If you want to create just one Group name with a comma as a part of it, you have to disable the option “Add multiple values separated by a comma”. In this case, the comma will be used not as a delimiter, but as part of the name.

In this example we create a new Group for the “Category” section.
If you have already selected one or more elements in the browser before calling this dialog, you can activate the option “Assign to selected files”. The new groups will then be assign immediately after the Group name creation. Otherwise, the Group names will be only created without being assigned to the elements.


Tag Groups in the Catalog Tags PanelIn the catalog Tags panel we have created a group “Animals” and assigned another regular lower hierarchy Tags.






Special features of a Group-Tag:

  • You cannot assign Elements to a Group-Tag directly.
  • Group-Tag can not be arranged hierarchically.
  • A Group-Tag can contain tags.
  • When you export the metadata containing assigned Group-Tags and then read it back in Daminion, the tags will lose their hierarchical structures.
  • Group-Tag are used solely for internal management of your tags. They will be NOT exported as a part of metadata !