Creating new Tags with the Catalog Tags Panel

To create a new tag in the Catalog Tags Panel, click with the right mouse button on the corresponding tag-heading and select “Add Tag …” from the submenu.

Creating new tags with the right context menu in the Catalog Tags Panel

Naming dialog for the new tagsIn the dialog that opens, you can write one or (comma separated) multiple tag-names in the corresponding field. If you want to create just one tag name with a comma as a part of it, you have to disable the option “Add multiple values separated by a comma”. In this case, the comma will be used not as a delimiter, but as part of the name.

In this example we create three new tags for the “People” section.

If you have already selected one or more elements in the browser before calling this dialog, you can activate the option “Assign to selected files”. The new tags will then be assigned immediately after the tag name creation. Otherwise, the tag names will be only created without being¬†assigned to the elements.