Recently Assigned Tags

By indexing your elements you may find that you use some tags more often than others. To avoid repeatedly entering the same Tags in the Properties Panel, you can use the “Recently Assigned Tags” dialog.
This dialog contains all previously entered tags always near the top of the list. When you open this dialog, you can easily assign these tags with a mouse click or revoke an existing assignment again instead of having to enter them manually each time.


Opening the “Recently Assigned Tags” dialog.

Navigate in the File menu to “Window” -> “Recently Assigned Tags“.

Opening the "Recently Assigned Tags" dialogThumbnail view with the magic wand icon


Or click with the mouse on the appropriate “magic wand” icon on a thumbnail.








You can move the opened dialog onto a screen area where it doesn’t interfere with other panels or dock it right at a certain window position. On how you can move or dock the dialog windows, please refer to the chapter Customizing the Window Layout.

The "Recently Assigned Tags" dialog
The “Recently Assigned Tags” dialog contains the list of all previously entered tags. The last used tag always appears at the top of the list. If a Tag has hierarchy levels, they are displayed one by one.







The "Recently Assigned Tags" dialog

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If you select an item in the browser, all the tags assigned already to this element will be shown in the list with a check mark.
To assign another Tag or deselect an existing assignment, you just need to click on the corresponding Tag.

Quick search inthe "Recently Assigned Tags" dialog


In case you need a certain Tag which has not been previously entered and therefore does not appear in the list, you can search for this Tag by entering its name in the lower text field.
In our example, we have entered a “w” and Daminion automatically lists all tags that begins with a “w” in its name. In this way you can click on the arrow down buttton extending the search text on and on, until you reach your desired Tag. Once the tag was assigned, it will also appear at the top of the list and you don’t have to search for it again.
By default, the last entered keywords appear in this dialog. But you can also display other Tags instead, such as “Place”, “Event” or “Person” for instance.
To change the display of Tags, click with the left mouse button on the small gear icon located in the upper right corner of the title bar.

Changing the Tag view in the "Recently Assigned Tags" dialog



In the drop-down menu select one of the listed Tags. In this way you will always have the required tags at direct access.