Customizing the Thumbnail Captions



By default Daminion is configured to display the file format  above the preview and additional three lines including file name, size and exposure underneath the preview.

The metadata information displayed above and below the thumbnail previews can be freely determined by you.



In the bottom right side of the main window click on the “i” symbol as shown in the following figure. The dialog can also be called alternatively via the file menu as follows: “View” -> “Customize Thumbnail Captions …”





This opens the “Customize Thumbnail Captions…” dialog.





Information above Thumbnails

Here you can select which information should be shown above the thumbnail. Click on the drop down menu and select one from the drop-down list.


Information below thumbnails

Here you will see the list of the tags currently displayed below the thumbnail.



With the “Add” button you can add more tags from a list to display below the thumbnail.



Use the “Delete” button to remove tags that should no longer be displayed.



With the up and down arrow buttons you can set the sort order of the tags.


Once you have made your selection  close the dialog with the “OK” button. The thumbnails will be displayed in the browser according to your new settings