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This article covers the various methods for viewing the Photo Station library.

Daminion Client

Structured Keywords and Search

After images have been tagged, accessing and viewing them in the Daminion Client is as simple as selecting a keyword from the nested structure or performing a search.  Search is extremely fast, even when performing partial searches.

Map View

Daminion’s client-based map view is superior to Photo Station’s due to its more accurate geolocations.

It looks just as good in the Daminion web server but (and it’s a great shame) you cannot access that from a NAS.  If only there was a Daminion Photo Station Package.

Photo Station Web View

While Photo Station’s map view capabilities rule it out, the rest of its browsing experience is excellent – with the exception of the mobile browser version which is poor.  But given that they have a nice mobile app, you can’t reasonably expect them to provide much more than a basic experience on a mobile browser.

So, the line-up starts with the web browsing view, for which the URL takes the format <hostname>/photo.

From an Admin’s perspective, the web browser view is the best option because as well as allowing you full access to view the library, the admin settings are included too.

DS Photo for Android, iOS and Windows

These three apps are virtually the same and can be downloaded from their relevant Store (free).

The Windows version can provide an alternative entry point to the web view for non admins. The interface is nice if you like your screen dark, compared to the white background of the web browser version.

Structured Keywords and Search

Navigating structured keywords in Photo Station is not easy because, as mentioned in earlier articles, the hierarchical structure is flattened into a single string.  So, you cannot drill down through the hierarchy to find the item you want; you have to scroll through a long list of entries instead.

The good news is that Photo Station’s Search function works on any part of the flattened string, so finding all images for a country, region, city or location for example is far faster than scrolling the long list of keywords.

The main problem with Photo Station Search is syntax – because the default is partial search. Therefore, for example. A search for the person called ‘Kit‘ also returns results for ‘Kitchen Upgrade.’  I am researching the syntax options and will update this article with the results.

Portfolio Categories

These are manually created groups of images, most likely sourced from specific keywords, that have been singled out for quick access without having to scroll through the long keyword list. They can be accessed quickly without having to think about a suitable search query.  If the Photo Station administrator has chosen to make a Portfolio Category public then it will be visible in Photo Station Web Browser View and in DS Photo.

Paul Barrett

Update: Since this article was written, Synology have launched a new photo app called Moments.

If you decide to use Synology Moments instead of Photo Station (see this article for the reasons for and against using Moments) you will find that navigating the list of tags is not easy because they are in random order, not alphabetic.  To overcome this you have to use the search function.

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