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This article deals with how to add images to an existing library and tag them so they are consistently displayed by Synology Photo Station.

The library is up and running and now you want to add some more images.

Step 1: For large batches turn Auto-Sync OFF.

This will prevent Photo Station from indexing the new images prematurely before you have had a chance to tag them.  For small batches the overhead of the same images being repetitively indexed as you import and tag them will not be an issue. There will be a tipping point at which the indexation becomes an obstacle.  This will vary depending on the power of your Disk Station, the speed of your network and your personal tolerance level.

Step 2: Import the Images.

If the images are located on a camera or removable drive use the Daminion > Add Files option to import them to the library. Refer to standard Daminion Help for details on how to do this

If the images originate from physical media (prints, negatives, slides) you may want to adopt a different approach.  Because all scans need some post scan editing work I prefer to do that locally , before I import the image to Daminion. This saves unnecessary reindexing and thumbnail conversion in Photo Station, and avoids the needs to recreate thumbnails in Daminion.

  • Scan to a local folder on your hard drive.
  • Use a photo editor to crop, rotate and adjust image characteristics.
  • Upload to a ‘Scans’ folder in Daminion Catalog.
  • Rescan folder to import image(s) to library.
  • Edit Creation Datetime i Daminion Properties Panel.
  • Move the image to a data stamped folder.
  • Highlight last imported scans by using Saved Searches > Last Imported in preparation for tagging them.

Step 3: (optional) Geotag the images using standard Daminion functionality.

  • It’s better to geotag in Daminion not Photo Station.
  • It’s more efficient to geotag images before you keyword tag them because the number of geolocations will help you decide how many ‘Places’ keyword tags you need to create, or whether to group closely located geotags under one keyword tag.
  • If you have already keyword tagged items by ‘Place’ in Daminion that will provide a useful start to geo locate, but experience shows that  one keyword ‘Place’ may represent several different geolocations. You will need to decide whether to create more detailed keyword tags to match the geolocations one-for-one or to group several geolocations under one ‘Place.’ There is no ‘right’ answer to this. It depends on personal preference.
  • The most recently imported batch of images should be displayed on screen by default
    If not then Saved Searches > Last Import will display them.

Step 4: Apply Keyword Tags

New Images

  • Apply appropriate keyword tags (there ought to be at least one keyword tag for each image – ‘Place’).
  • Add new Keyword tags as needed.

Converting an existing library

  • Assign keyword tags to images, using the Daminion dedicated tags as a reference guide.This is a manual operation. Unfortunately there is no other option. At least you only have to perform this cycle once to convert the library. New images will be tagged with keywords as you import them.
  • After conversion, delete the dedicated Daminion tags. Unless you are going to maintain dedicated Daminion tags as well as their keyword tags (which is NOT recommended) the old tags should be disposed of as they will soon get out of alignment with the keyword tags. They will serve no useful purpose and will likely cause confusion when you are tagging new content.
  • Remove all unwanted items from the tags panel.  As a minimum, you can drive Photo Station with just three items:
    1. Folders
    2. Keywords
    3. Saved Searches.

Steps 5 – 7: Turn Auto-sync ON and allow DSM to index files

Wait while Daminion writes metadata to image files and Photo Station index and creates thumbnails.

Step 8:  (Optional) Create / Edit Portfolio Categories to segregate images

  • Create Category for group of images. If the category already exists delete all entries in Portfolio Category and build the content again because Photo Station will simple append the new content to the end of the old, which results in strange ordering of the content.
  • In General Tag, select keywords to be added to added to Portfolio Category
  • Drag selected keywords on to Portfolio Category
  • Review results in Photo Station and DS Photo


Paul Barrett

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