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This article covers the creation of Named User and Admin accounts on Synology Photo Station. The workflow differs depending on which Photo Station account type you configured in Photo Station > Settings > General

User Account System

The User Account System for your installation was chosen when you configured Photo Station in an earlier step.  To remind yourself of the chosen system go to Photo Station > Settings > General Settings.

DSM Account Type

DSM Accounts are the recommended solution – they are simpler to setup and maintain. There are more screens to navigate in DSM accounts compared to Photo Station accounts but as most of the default settings are acceptable, the process is no slower.

Login to DSM as administrator and  go to Control Panel > User > Create User

Step 1: Basic User Details

In DSM Accounts, a password is mandatory, unlike Photo Station.

The user’s email address is mandatory IF you check the box to send a notification email to the user. The email will be despatched to the user as soon as the account is created and is the best way to ensure that the user credentials are sent.  However, you have no ability to edit the message.

There are more screens to complete than in Photo Station accounts but, with the one exception mentioned below, you can accept the defaults.

Scroll down this screen to see the sequence of screens.

Step 2: User Groups

Accept the defaults

Step 3: Shared Folders

Accept the defaults

Step 4: User Quota

Accept the defaults unless you have a need to set disk space limits on a user.use

Step 5: Application Permissions

If the user is only going to use Photo Station do NOT accept the defaults. Change the settings to Deny all applications.

By denying the user access to the applications you can limit a DSM account so the user doesn’t have full access. This is useful if you want to avoid the account duplication inherent in Photo Station accounts, without giving a user access to the full DSM experience (Home directory, desktop, File Station access).

Note: DSM will still create Home folders when it creates the account. They will remain empty because they can’t be accessed by the user. If you want to keep your Homes folder tidy you can delete them in File Station – it won’t affect the user’s account.

Step 6: Speed Limit

Accept the defaults.

Step 7: Confirm Settings and Apply

There’s nothing to change here, just apply the settings if they are OK or go back to make changes.

That’s it!

Photo Station Account Type

This is not the recommended approach but has been described in case you decide to go this route

Go to Photo Station > Settings > User Accounts > Create User

Step 1: Create user

The Username is mandatory.  Everything else is optional.

Step 2: Assign Privileges

In this screen you can set user privileges to specific folders in your library.

All named users can browse all folders by default but you can restrict upload and manage rights.

You could create specific folders that users could upload images to, using DS Photo, and allow them to contribute to the library.

The Daminion Server Imports and Scan folders are similar examples where I can bring in photos for assessment and then allocation to the date stamped folders. You could have one folder for each user (although you will have to create them manually.)

Step 3: Send Account Details to User

This step is manual.  You will need to notify the user of their Username and password (if any), provide the URL to Photo Station and advise them to download the DS Photo app from the App, Play or Windows Store.


Paul Barrett

Update: Since this article was written, Synology have launched a new photo app called Moments.

If you decide to use Synology Moments instead of Photo Station (see this article for the reasons for and against using Moments) you will not have to deal with the complexity involved in setting up User accounts because share links can be made public to anyone who has the link.  Named User Accounts are not normally required.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions please post them in the Daminion User Forum

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