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Don’t forget the power of search.  Daminion and Synology Photo Station both have indexed searching but in Photo Station it offers a powerful and viable alternative to scrolling through hundreds of keywords.

Search (it’s very fast)

Once you have created Daminion Keyword Tags, and they have all been recognised by Photo Station you have two ways of finding images.

  1. Scroll through the flattened keyword structure in Photo Station’s Smart Albums > General Tag.
  2. Use the search box.  This will perform a very rapid search across the entire keyword structure and return results in a fraction of the time it takes to scroll through hundreds of keyword entries in the Smart Albums > General Tag.

In fact, the biggest benefit of applying structured keyword tags in Daminion is so that Photo Station’s search can find any part of the structure very quickly using partial searches by default.

So if your keyword tag is Places|England|Northumberland|Hexham|The Sele, you can enter all or part of any of the sections and get a match.  This is useful if you want to find all other locations in Hexham or Northumberland, and results are displayed in about 1 second.

Photo Station and DS Photo’s Search

  1. In Photo Station the Search box is right there, on the left hand panel.
  2. In DS Photo there’s a link in the left hand menu…
  3. … which brings up the search box.
  4. And in Photo Station there’s even an option to convert a search result into a new Smart Album.  If you find yourself constantly repeating a search, that might be a useful tool.

Daminion’s search function is just as good by the way.  But it’s the ability to overcome the lack of structured keywords that makes Photo Station’s so compelling.

Paul Barrett

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