2. Setup Daminion and Photo Station


This section deals with the steps required to install and setup Daminion and Photo Station, including reviewing editing and organising keyword tags.

Move Image Library to Synology  Disk Station

Photo Station requires the image library to be stored on your Disk Station.  If it’s not, now is the time to move it.  If it’s already on the Disk Station it needs to be in the correct location.

Set Daminion Preferences and Create Catalog

This article deals with:

  • How to edit Daminion’s preferences to meet the needs of Photo Station.
  • How to create a catalog.
  • The concept of the Daminion Catalog and how many you need.
  • How to import your images.

Note:  The steps in this post are all out-of-the-box Daminion functionality – there’s nothing special about them as far as Synology Photo Station is concerned but there are explanations for Synology users who are new to Daminion.

Install Photo Station

This article concerns Photo Station Installation.  This is not intended to be a detailed set of installation instructions – there is plenty of material out there on that topic, especially on the Synology Knowledge Base.  But sometimes the knowledge base falls short in that it explains how to do something but not why it is necessary, and it usually assumes a level of knowledge which is not reasonable in a hobbyist user.

Configure Photo Station

This article deals with how to configure Photo Station   It will also address some areas where Photo Station has some issues, and describe some workarounds.

Configure Photo Station User Privileges

This article deals with the ways in which you can control access to your images library.

The majority of this post is generic Photo Station functionality with a few Daminion touch points.

Review, edit and organise tags

This article covers:

  1. Metadata
  2. People
  3. Location
  4. Keywords
  5. Search
  6. Portfolio
  7. Configure the Tags Panel
  8. Good practices

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Paul Barrett

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