4. Support Daminion and Photo Station


This section deals with the steps required to keep the library secure, ensure all new images have been imported, empty folders are eliminated and the keyword tags are up to date, and that user comments are seen and acted upon.

These topics are brief therefore they are included on this ‘contents’ page directly rather than in separate articles.

Maintain the Integrity of the Apps and Databases

Backup the Data

As the owner of a Synology Disk Station you have the right technology to keep your data safe. At the very least you should  be backing up to an external USB drive, because all current drives has a USB socket USB 3 on latest units) to which you can attach a suitable hard drive.

If you are a control freak like me, you will have your production drive set up with some form of data mirroring to a second disk and a nightly backup to a second disk station, which is also mirrored.

Your backup strategy might vary but so long as you have one… !

Keep applications up to date

Now that you have installed Photo Station, your Disk Station is public which means it is a candidate for attack.  DSM is very secure but even if you decide not to upgrade to the latest Daminion release, you should ensure that DSM is kept up to date to ensure that you have all security patches in place.

Periodically review and edit Tags and Keyword Structure

It is a good idea to look out for and correct inconsistencies in the tags and in the keyword structure, and to make sure the structure continues to meet your needs.  Importing images from other systems may bring unwanted or incompatible metadata into your library, so make your the Daminion preference is set to marl all imported metadata as unapproved

Periodically rescan all folders to synchronise with Disk Station

Unless you are running the server version of Daminion there is a risk of the folder in the Daminion Catalog and the becoming out of sync.  Although the recommendation is to do all file and folder management in Daminion, it’s easy to forget and add, delete, rename or move a file of folder in Photo Station, File Station or Windows.  A periodic rescan of folders, from the root of the /photos folder will pick up these changes.

Periodically force Photo Station to reindex files

Photo Station’s reindexing and thumbnail conversion process is very robust.  However an occasional forced reindex is a good idea, just in case there are changes that have been overlooked.  Photo Station > Settings > Photos > Re-index 

Periodically check for Unsynced Items

Unsynced items are those where the metadata may not have been written to the image files and which will therefore not display correctly in Photo Station.  This count should be zero.

Unsynced Items

Periodically check for Untagged Items

Every image should have a least one tag or it it will not be discoverable in keyword guided selections, or by searching in Photo Station or Daminion.  Ideally this count should be zero, or you should know the reason why an image is not yet tagged.

Unassigned Keywords

Respond to User Comments

This section has not yet been written.  Exactly how this functionality operates is an unknown at this time.

Paul Barrett

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