Tagging in Web Client

Creating Tag Values in the Tags Panel

In  Daminion Web Client, unlike Daminion desktop client,  you cannot assign tags by dragging the images to the respective tag value in the tags panel. Instead, you do the following:

Click the heading of the respective tag to expand it. Then click the little pencil icon to switch from filtering mode to creating new tags. Enter the tag value in the entry box and click Create.

Please note that the tag values created in the Tags Panel are automatically suggested for use when tagging in the Properties panel or Tag editor.

In our example, we use a backslash delimiter to create a hierarchy where “Brown” is the parent level and “Sarah” a sub-level.


To create more tag values inside “Brown”, click the folder icon and enter more tags. 2016-11-29_163629


To create multiple tag values at once, separate them with commas.


To edit tag values, switch to create-tag mode and simply click the respective tag value. To remove a tag value, click the trash bin icon.



Drag’n’Drop Tagging in the Tags Panel

Select one or several files in the thumbnails window, hold down the left mouse button and drag and drop the files to the certain tag as shown on the screenshot below:


Tagging in the Properties Panel

In the browser window, click the image you want to tag to open it in full screen. Click the 12  icon in the upper right-hand corner to display the Properties panel.


In the Properties panel, click the Description Tab to expand it and start assigning tags.

2016-11-29_163745Hierarchical tags are created in the same way as in the Tags panel – each hierarchy level is delimited by a backslash “\” and multiple tag values are separated commas.

If a tag value already exists in the database, Daminion will auto-suggest it as soon as you type the first letters.

2016-11-29_163802In order to delete a mistakenly assigned tag from an image, just hover the mouse pointer over it and click the tag when the strikeout appears.


Note: In the Properties panel all existing tags are displayed and cannot be customized to show fewer tags. Additionally, the tags cannot be assigned to more than one image at the same time. All this can, however, be done in the Tag Editor.


Tag Editor

The Tag Editor allows you to assign tags to multiple images at once and customize the list of displayed tags.

To open the Tag Editor, select one or more images in the Browser window, click Actions on the toolbar and select Edit tags.


Alternatively, click the “+” sign on any of the selected images.


The following window appears:



Shows the number of images to be edited.

Type here to create a new keyword. Hierarchical keyword are separated by a backslash delimiter and multiple keywords commas.

2016-11-29_170715Click here to display the list of existing tags. In the window that opens you can search for tags, create new tags and apply multiple tags by checking the checkboxes next to the tag headings.

Shows the default list of tags. When this option is selected and you have already created a customized tag list, Show all is automatically replaced by Show my list.

2016-11-29_170721Click here to check the tags to be displayed for editing. When the selection is done,  click save.